Car Care Auto-Repair-Houston-auto-car-care-tips-Houston-Texas from-midtown-auto-service-in-houston – Car Automobile Engine Diagnostics

Midtown Auto service in Houston is a full service AAA Approved Auto Repair Facility which diagnosis all makes and models. We are also seen on TV channel 2 & Channel 11, periodically talking about all sorts of car issues. Our    

Car Care Auto-Repair-Houston-auto-car-care-tips-Houston-Texas from-midtown-auto-service-in-houston- Avoiding Hefty Car Repairs

10 Easy Tips to Avoiding Major Automotive Repairs Over the years the cost to repair a vehicle keeps going up. In this case, the best offense to spending less money on expensive automotive repairs, is a good defense. Preventative maintenance    

auto-repair-Houston-auto-car-care-tips-Houston-Texas from-midtown-auto-service-in-houston- The effects of a bad Oxygen Sensor Issues

Poor Gas Mileage Oxygen sensors play a huge role in adjusting a vehicle engine’s air/fuel ratio, the combination of gas and air an engine burns to produce power. A faulty oxygen sensor may allow too much fuel to be added    

auto-repair-Houston-auto-car-care-tips-Houston-Texas from-midtown-auto-service-in-houston- Check Engine Light Issue P0420

Your Check Engine Light is on and you find a P0420 code for a catalytic converter fault. Does that really mean your converter has reached the end of the road and needs to be replaced? A new converter can cost $600 to $1000    

auto repair houston-Auto Car Care Tips Houston from Midtown Auto Service in Houston: How To Winterize Your Car

Climate changes don’t affect just you―they also affect your car. In regions that don’t enjoy mild winters, you wouldn’t dream of heading outside without a heavy coat if the wind chill brought the temperature below freezing. Don’t expect your car